Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Online photo editor: Photobucket

Now after you have uploaded your photo to your free Photobucket image host, you can edit it!!!! It is practically like an online photo editor!!! Apparently, you can add fun shapes like hearts (for your loved ones, perhaps even your unloved ones hoping to turn them around, for after all Jesus taught "love your enemies"), spaceships (we will need lots of them for there are lots and lots of passengers on Spaceship Earth with no life boat, even text. I would love to test out the last one as currently I am using the free Irfanview photo editor which can add text up to maximum font-size 15. I would love to have capability to add larger font sizes.

More!!!! You can add your face to a caveman (ah, I am going to start a blog related to history and prehistory and use that for my profile photo), a celebrity (same, celebrity blogs are very popular, unfortunately, so if you can't beat them, join them) or astronaut (I would love adding a photo of me, an astronaut, into my Environmental blog: Enviroman Says.

More later. Hope to do some testing of my free Photobucket image host soon and post here some updates.